Friday, 29 October 2010

Narrative Printmaking. Explanation below :D

The images are named/subtitled but it probably isnt visible without fullscreening the images. For the lazy the titles are as follows:
1) Windowsill Birds 2) The virtuous snake 3) Talking Sparrows 4) Duck ate ring 5) Grabbing the Duck 6)Duck Dinner 7) Hungry Ravens 8) Grateful Ravens 9) Courting the Princess 10) hands of happiness.
This is meant to be a narrative, but its vague so make up whatever you like.

Lloyds Horse Credit crunch

Pretty self explanatory really. My creative solution to a "banking/credit crunch" editorial image.

Feather Enthusiast Issue2

Second book of feathers. Will make more soon I have lots of feathers I haven't yet photocopied.

Feather Enthusiast Issue1

A zine of my feather collection. More to follow

British Stamp Book

I do have pics of the real size artwork but this is quite funky

The Ridiculous times!

How ridiculous!

Cockney Rhyming Slang book! Older work

My first post, am posting my current hoard of work in chronological order. This is my second attempt at the cockney rhyming slang. I really liked this at the time. I still think its quite special.