Sunday, 19 December 2010

Tiger Habitat Poster.

Second poster, finished about as quickly as the first. Not great but i enjoy the concrete poetry anyway.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Polar bear threatened poster idea.

A test(possibly) poster about polar bears. The colours might well be too bright, and the message is perhaps murky, but the artwork is fabulous, also it took me 11hours to paint and digitally complete. longest i've spent on a single piece of work in a long time XD

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

'The Werewolf' Angela Carter Story.

An illustrated set of pages for the angela carter story. Not bound or anything, just pages. :) Lino prints with boring standard Baskerville typeface. I cut an entire AaBbCc etc alphabet from lino but couldn't turn it into a typeface file and no way in hell was i hand setting all of that! But yeah :)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My re-organised feather collection

Just to show how my collection is doing, ordered into labeled envelopes, bags, folders and plastic wallets.
 A photo to show my small packets, and how each packet is labeled. Bird name and date. sometimes where i got them from if i think its important.

Little Dipper and Big Dipper book :D

This was based upon a greek legend i found that says (to describe it briefly) the gods took a woman and her son as bears into the sky. This is a cutesy version :D

Friday, 29 October 2010

Narrative Printmaking. Explanation below :D

The images are named/subtitled but it probably isnt visible without fullscreening the images. For the lazy the titles are as follows:
1) Windowsill Birds 2) The virtuous snake 3) Talking Sparrows 4) Duck ate ring 5) Grabbing the Duck 6)Duck Dinner 7) Hungry Ravens 8) Grateful Ravens 9) Courting the Princess 10) hands of happiness.
This is meant to be a narrative, but its vague so make up whatever you like.

Lloyds Horse Credit crunch

Pretty self explanatory really. My creative solution to a "banking/credit crunch" editorial image.

Feather Enthusiast Issue2

Second book of feathers. Will make more soon I have lots of feathers I haven't yet photocopied.

Feather Enthusiast Issue1

A zine of my feather collection. More to follow

British Stamp Book

I do have pics of the real size artwork but this is quite funky

The Ridiculous times!

How ridiculous!